kS98 book sample pages

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Examples of the three types of kS98 manufactured by Erfurt in 1912; the standard leather-gripped model (left) and the wood- and composition-gripped kS98 manufactured for trials in the African colonies.
Studio portrait of of Vizefeldwebel Staudt of the 1. Kompanie, Luftschiffer Batallion Nr. 4 stationed at Mannheim in 1915 wearing his service issue kS98. Craftsmen and engineers were often were often recruited into the Air Service as volunteers (Einjährig-Freiwilliger).

The distinctive T fonts used by the different Telegraph Battalions and units. There are no known markings for the 1st and 5th Telegraphen-Bataillone.
Unit markings on kS98 for regular Telegraph Battalions. Note the distinctive italic T used by each battalion. Top, left to right: Haenel W13 2.T.2.145.; matching Erfurt W11 3.T.3.31.; matching Haenel W14 4.T.2.151.; Bottom, left to right: matching Hörster W13 6.T.2.77.; Haenel FA14 7.T.1.133.; Schilling W13 2.T.8.